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Electronic Products Inc. (EPI) is a powder to package, fully integrated HTCC technical ceramics and glass-to-metal package manufacturer. The following information details our ceramic packaging capabilities and offers design guidelines. View our facility page to learn more about our vertically integrated process capabilities.

EPI and SEi merge

EPI and SEI complete merger and now operating as EPI

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed the merger of Electronic Products, Inc. and Semiconductor Enclosures, Inc. and are operating as Electronic Products, Inc. (EPI). We’re now your single-source for a wide range of high-quality hermetic glass-to-metal seal components as well as a fully integrated HTCC precision ceramics manufacturer providing ceramic tape systems, ceramic substrates, multilayer ceramic substrates, metallization services, metal to ceramic assemblies, and microelectronic ceramic packaging.

SPIE Photonics

The tried and true transistor outline “TO” package

The Transistor Outline or “TO” package was developed by the semiconductor and microelectronics industry in the 1950s. In addition to addressing requirements for very low thermal resistance, the goal was to create highly reliable (often hermetic) packages in common outlines to keep costs down while standardizing a suite of solutions in accordance with JEDEC . (While there are plastic versions of TO packages, this article pertains to metal TO packages.) Read more

We remain open for business and are committed to everyone’s safety.

Electronic Products, Inc. (EPI) is recognized as a critical supplier to the Defense Industrial Base, Medical Equipment, and Information Technology industries. We are open for business and we are maintaining our capacity to deliver without any limitations.

This said, our highest priority is the safety of our people and the public amid the COVID-19 outbreak and have taken measures to prevent the spread. Here’s how.   Read more