Power Semiconductor Packages

Electronic Products, Inc. (EPI) has decades of experience providing semiconductor packaging for applications such as industrial power, medical, oil exploration, propulsion systems, satellites, energy storage, and directed energy.

We offer AlN High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) packaging technology for high power densities. Our AlN HTCC can be used in both high current and high voltage applications. We can also provide compact 3D packages or chip scale interposers for Si, GaN, SiC or other high-power substrate materials.

High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) multilayer AlN circuits fired at 1800+°C are a fully dense hermetic structure that provides a low Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) perfectly matched with Tungsten and Silicon. The tungsten metallization can be plated to match the end use and can also be brazed at high temperature to allow the attachment of leads, seal rings, or other metal components.

Power Package-1
Power Package-2
Power Package-3
Power Package-4
Power Package-5
Power Package-5

Photos demonstrate just a few of our many packaging options. Please contact us with any of your power semiconductor package requirements.