TO Packages & Headers

Electronic Products Inc. (EPI) is an expert designer and manufacturer of both legacy and custom engineered, JEDEC compliant transistor outline (TO) packages and headers. Our products are used in a variety of high-performance applications, such as: RF, microwave, wireless, optoelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, MEMs, and other microelectronics. With over 60 years-worth of custom and standard TO packaging experience, we're ready to handle every challenge from matching legacy transistor packages to designing a state-of-the-art optical sensor package.

We are the high-quality alternative to other manufacturers and suppliers who are not specialists in TO styles, offering quick delivery of both matched seal and compression seal TO packages and headers from our U.S. facility and headquarters in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Our TO designs are trusted to be 100% hermetic packages that must perform under the harshest conditions. Matched seals typically use CTE matched ASTM-F15 Alloy (Kovar) and CTE matched glass compositions to create a seal. Compression seals use metals such as plain carbon steel 1010 and ASTM-F30 (Alloy 52) with higher CTE to compress the glass upon cooling during the fusing process of the TO package or header.

We provide TO packages and headers with a finish exact to customer specifications. These finishes include: nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), silver (Ag), and gold (Au), and combinations. For our optical customers we can also provide clear flat or convex lenses.

Some of the more popular TO outlines for packages (sometimes referred as metal "cans") and headers that we manufacture and offer cross-reference alternatives to include:

  • TO-3
  • TO-5
  • TO-8
  • TO-8 Jumbo
  • TO-9
  • TO-12
  • TO-18
  • TO-23
  • TO-24
  • TO-33
  • TO-37
  • TO-39
  • TO-41
  • TO-42
  • TO-44
  • TO-46
  • TO-52
  • TO-66
  • TO-72
  • TO-78
  • TO-99
  • TO-100
  • TO-204
  • TO-205
  • TO-206

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Power Package-1
Power Package-2
Power Package-3
Power Package-4
Power Package-5
Power Package-5
Power Package-5
Power Package-5
Jumbo TO-8

Photos demonstrate just a few of our many TO packaging options. Please contact us with any of your TO package or header requirements.